Student Testimonials


Paula is a very knowledgeable instructor who can quickly evaluate a swing and make recommendations on how to improve in all phases of the game. She is esy to relate to and has the ability to impart her knowledge in a friendly and inspiring manner. She provides drill and positive feedback. My golf game will definitely improve and be more enjoyable by following her tips. Thank you Paula for all your help! -Beth A.


We missed you today. sorry to hear that you're injured. Wanted to share with you that i shot a 95! Thank you thank you thank you. Never shot a 95 at SGR EVER!! Happy Valentines day to you and Andy. - Susan A.


Thank you so much, you are so helpful and my game is super great since your lessons and I know I will be back because I have a few more kinks in my swing that I want to get out. Haven't been to Phoenix yet to look at putters yet and still going back and forth with the blade and mallet putter. One I don't hit hard enough and the other too hard, so I got a practice mat and am practicing at home. Not as good as a putting green but need to get the feel of the club. I did come in 2nd in the game Thurs. 3 clubs and a putter. I picked my 5 wood for the woods and hit the ball as far as my driver. Maybe I just tried harder, don' know. Putting cost me but that is ok. Just having fun. You are so great in adjusting to how I swing and making it so much better. In appreciation - Jean F.


Thanks Paula. Yes, my game has flourished. I'm getting most improved player award tomorrow! Not your first, I know, but good for me. I'm down to an 18! Oh my, I came here with a 28 I think two years ago. And I didn't play for six months between my foot surgery and then my knee injury. You should be proud!!! I really want a sand wedge instruction session....and then maybe you could teach me something like a fade or a draw? I see all of your clinics and you just seem so busy. I'll look at your scheduling software and try to get on scheduled. -Betty U.


We did the wrap up tonight for Road Scholar and your name was mentioned specifically as the best instructor, so of course we had to mention WE had private instruction. One fellow mentioned in anguish that you were so good (twice) that he wished he had know we were doing that. We mentioned to the group your availability if they will be staying over...Again, thank you. - J. Collins


"Paula, I wanted to let you know that I have been hitting the ball best ever. All thanks to you. Looking forward to returning to Sedona for more lessons !"

Regards, John C.


"After quite a few years and many good instructors, Ms. Paula Thompson is the only one that truly understands my issues. I was so impressed that I even spent the next day just practicing my setup. My thous are to take Ms. Thompson's Tuesday Supervised Coaching session on 7/23."  -Noelle B.


Paula has a great eye for spotting weaknesses in a golf swing and giving solutions for swing challenges. She is an outstanding teacher. - Alan J.



"Hi Paula, ... I wanted to share some excellent news with you. I play in a women's league at a local country club, and stared out my season with some nasty high scores... 121, 111, 107... in league play. Outside of that I was doing a little better. But, yesterday, I shot a 99 with the league!!! Had a bunch of bogeys, a few pars (and two 9's) but it's the first time that I've ever broken 100 in league play. With these women, there are no gimmies, all putts must be holed out, and they are pretty serious. Rich made the observation that I may just not do well under pressure and i had begun to agree, but.... i keep going over all of those swing basics that you taught me and I keep thinking it's finally working its way into my muscle memory. I'll be back mid-September to start back up with lessons and fun gatherings. Would love to do one of your Poco Diablo gatherings if they are still going on. Thank you again for being the best teacher ever!!!" xoxo -Susan A.




Paula, Thanks so much for all your help getting me started with my golf game. With my stubborn dedication and practice and your guidance, I think I can someday love this game. Thanks! -Janine J.



"I am thrilled with the instruction I have gotten from Paula. I was looking for only a few swing fixes and Paula delivered with some focused tips and without overwhelming me with excessive swing thoughts. The proof is in the results so far. I have been a low 90's shooter but after our first short game lesson my score dropped to 85 and in the second round easily broke 80 for the first time in years! I am very pleased and highly recommend Paula to help with your game". -Duane T. 



Paula is a fantastic instructor! She has a great eye for spotting problems in you swing, posture, and grip and then demonstrates how to correct those issues. She encourages questions and provides great feedback. She demonstrates great drills and provides the tools to use for the drills during the clinic. I also appreciate that she keeps you informed through emails about her clinics and provides follow-up information regarding drills as will as a video swing analysis of your swing. By far, the best instruction I have ever had! -Brenda O.




I am one of the Road Scholars and you are the best instructor I have ever had. I am now eager to get to the driving range to practice!... - Martha Clark

1/30/19: Golf clinic was... "very helpful and informative. The best instructor I have worked with". Gary C



Hello Paula!

Just wanted you to know that my golf has improved so much since your instruction in the two day golf school! Tom and I have been practicing at least 5 times or more a week (and yes, we are still using our bands). I was actually thinking abut giving up golf before we came to your school. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. I have improved so much in all areas that it is enjoyable again. I played 18 holes with a group of friends today and shot a 100 which is probably the best score I have ever had. They couldn't believe the improvement in my game. They were also complementing my on my swing technique. I told them about your instruction and your golf school and forwarded them your web page by email. May, when spring rolls around, they will pay you a visit! Thanks so much!

Brenda O.


November, 2018

Hi Paula, 

Thanks so much for your email. After we got home from Arizona the weather turned cold and wet in Maryland . We only got to play once or twice. Now we are in Florida for three weeks and the weather's been perfect.  We played two times already and i can see a lot of improvement! So can my husband and his golfing buddies. I've been reviewing all the tips you gave me. Really focusing on elbow in and foot on the gas. I think Don and I will be coming back to Sedona next fall.  We'll  definitely plan on arranging some more lessons. Hope the weather is still nice enough for you to play golf in Sedona.  Enjoy your holidays. 

Joan H.


November, 2018


I think I finally got the hang of standing closer to the ball, the wrist hinge, and position of my right arm closer to my body.  The ball goes straighter and now my misses are to the left instead of the right.  I just have to remember to have a ‘professional finish’ which I remember from very early lessons with you.  I’m very glad I signed up for the lesson, I was getting frustrated and am much happier now.

Elaine H.



You will be pleased to hear that upon my return home, and as soon as I was well again, I booked several lessons with the golf pro at our golf club. He was pretty impressed with what I had learned at your clinics and proceeded to carry on from there.  My technique has improved and I now actually hit the ball more often than not.  My husband Ronnie takes me out once a week so that I can continue with my progress and I really enjoying the game.  I have hit a bit of a bad patch but onwards and upwards as they say.  I continue to go to the driving range in between games so that I can try and improve my swing.  My putting is on top form and even my husband gets amazed at some of the putts I pull off.

Unfortunately the weather over here in Scotland has taken a turn for the worst with a series of storms, but that’s Scotland for you, challenging but beautiful, it’s on stormy days one wishes to be back in Sedona, you are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous part of the world. 

I hope you are well and I look forward to attending your clinics again when I return to Sedona.  I am definitely going to keep on playing and that is thanks to you, you made playing the game so enjoyable and made me believe in myself, so thank you for that.

Take care and I hope you have a fabulous Christmas.

Traci L.



Paula, you are my hero. Tweaking my set-up and full swing worked miracles today, and I was able to maintain that part of the game throughout the round. What a difference – I was out there with the big girls! It’s things like being 55 yards from the green in two strokes on #16 and then needing 3 or was it 4 to get onto the green??? Yikes. So, as we discussed that’s phase two.

I think I will come to the funky lie clinic in the morning as a warm up to our session. I can use that refresher, also. I managed a couple mild downhill shots successfully for which I was grateful, but man the rough is thick right now, and balls pop out every which way – and generally not the distance nor direction wanted.

The miracle of sorts is that I actually pulled an 8 iron and gap wedge out of the bag today to use – one quite successfully the other no so much. Still, you instilled enough confidence that I at least gave them a chance to see daylight – poor irons.

Please count me in for the clinic and we’ll go from there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you………..




Hi Paula,
I had a chance to go to the driving range yesterday with my new Petite Graphite-shafted clubs that I  bought at the Scottsdale PGA Superstore and then had shipped to me.  I love them. You are absolutely right, clubs that fit make golf fun again!
Adams apparently as been sold to Tour Edge according to Talcott, who worked with me at the store, so the set I bought is Moda Silk (not the top of their line) but very satisfactory for my skill level.  Thank you again for your recommendation.
I also am delighted with the tips you gave me both during my private lesson and on the Tip Sheets that Rich Shepard forwarded after our Road Scholar event ended. Because of you, Paula, I  look forward to many years of enjoyment of the game that has been challenging, but also frustrating, for most of my adult life. Like we said, I wish I lived in Sedona,  so I could continue taking lessons from you, as I'm sure we could take my game to the next level.  I've checked,  no certified LPGA Pro in Idaho, so if you ever decide to create a DVD course please let me know. ;)

Nancy Jones



March 29, 2018

Paula has a way to explain the golf swing that works for me. She can see what I need to work on quickly and give me a tip to use. My score reflects the work we have done. More importantly, I am enjoying the game!


February 28, 2018

I have attended several of Paula's clinics in Sedona and would highly recommend her both as a teacher and person. She has given generously with her time and attention and has a great eye for what's happening in a person's golf swing. It's nice to be taught by someone that has the patience and understanding to help us hackers get the best out of our mediocre golf swing. If only I can put into practice the great tips she has given me!

Brian Morse




Thanks for your video analysis showing me the reverse pivot. I appreciate the work you do to make it clear what is going on in my swing. You are a great asset to your students and are able to help each of us to find the way to improve out game. Thanks from one Thompson to another!

Darryl Thompson




Paula - thanks so much for the videos and commentaries. These are really helpful! My swing has improved so much that all my golf partners are amazed! Your instructions have made a huge difference. I'm hitting much further and I get a lot of loft whereas before I mostly hit grounders. Gary is till struggling a bit. I wished we could have schedulted a second lesson for him to help solidify the changes in his swing. But we will continue to work on. We will be back in Sedona next fall probably October. Hopefully you will be around and we can schedule a number of lessons with you while we are there. Thanks again for the videos.

Linda Murchison


Hi Paula - good to see you today, and thanks for Maureen's lesson! She is so excited that we booked a tee time for tomorrow at the Sedona Golf Resort. You really got to the 'heart' of her swing problems - and of course, helped me also. I enjoyed the clinic on balance - interesting -  we have been doing some Tai Chi/Qigong, and balance is stressed there also. Maureen's balance is much better than min, so I'm working on it. Weirdly, I can swing (and hit) a golf ball standing on my left leg, but I can't balance on my left leg for very long - and my right is worse. Anyway - I jusr wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed the time with you today - you are an excellent teacher, and I could tell by the rapport with the other students at the clinic that are well respected and loved here! Take care, and hopefully, we will both be well enough to come back another year, and will see you then. Happy Holidays!

Nan and Maureen


Hi Paula,

Just wanted to let you know how well I have played after your lesson on September 5. It takes a little getting used to, but the loose grip, wide stance, hip initiates swing has done wonder for me. I had a golf trip with 7 others in Ocean City Md. this past week and I won most of the greenies, as well as low net. On the Lst day, at Baywood Greens in Delaware, I was getting in the zone with my new swing and beat even the 13 index guys with my gross score (I am a 22 index). I will be back in Sedona October1 and look forward to seeing you then.

Rich Antczak




The Lessons are kicking in. I won last week and this week on the ladies day events. My scores are improving. Thank you very much for the great lessons.

Barb Gordon


Hi my dear friend, Paula!

I just wanted to let you know that your expertise at teaching is really helping me. 

Yesterday Rolf and I played golf with Jan and Don Groves. The good news is that I got a 5 on hole #1, a par on #2, and a par on #3.

Then I did some "fat" hits and discontinued counting!! Some of my puts were so very close and a few shorter ones went in beautifully. I also hit some good pitching shots. Don kept saying that those "lessons with Paula are really paying off for you, Carrie".

Yahoo! on hole #8 I had a put uphill which was about 35-40 feet away. I made it?? So thank you so much. And I will be taking your clinics and classes whenever I can!!

Gratefully, Carrie

August, 2017

Paula is a dedicated, talented instructor. Her sessions are well organized and informative, including written instruction sheets, and most importantly, she can zone in immediately on how you can improve your swing and get you to do it. Her positive, light approach to teaching golf, plus her genuine interest in helping you be a better golfer make lessons fun. She is truly a wonderful teacher!

Sallie Chaney 2017

My husband and I have taken lessons for years and Paula is EXCEPTIONALLY good helping us with individual problems AND correcting them for us and enabling us to enjoy the game of golf with more success! She is la creme la creme .

Katy Hundelt on Tue Jun 2017

Paula is the BEST instructor I have ever worked with. With just a few small changes she helped me gain about 50 yards on my drive and my short game is more accurate than ever before. I love taking advantage of the teaching games that she offers as there is no better way to improve your game than to be out on the course with her. I highly recommend Paula, book a lesson with her today; you won't be disappointed.

Leah Kolb on Tue Jun 06 2017

Paula Thompson has a style and flair that I would consider unique in the world of golf teaching pros. In my opinion, her objective is to allow her student to become the best golfer that they can be by tailoring a golf swing according to that persons mental and physical ability. I'm a little bit older and I can say ..... WOW .... Paula helped develop a swing and most importantly, a GREAT RESULT ! Her techniques are borderline "cutting edge" and her care and understanding for the individual player outstanding. I have a firm conviction that Paula can really ( and I mean REALLY ) help create a finer golf experience for any golfer from 5 to 95 !!!

Steve Koza on Sun Jun 04 2017

I received a gift of three private lessons from Paula that I used this winter. She is fabulous. Her way of teaching is such that I can understand what I need to do and can execute it (most of the time ... it is golf). I also participated in several of her weekly clinics. Such a value. I have easily gained 20-30 yards on my drives. I also did a "Stink and Drink" session where she goes around with you while you play a round. It was very helpful in many ways. I was fortunate in that the time I went, I was the only student; however, it did rain that day and it was cut short. I learned more about rules and etiquette of the game as well as ball placement, club choices, reading the greens and the tee box during that time. Paula makes it fun and yet very informative. Her descriptions and demonstrations helped me understand the body mechanics behind the moves I needed to do.

Gwin Filleman 06/05/17

I have had lessons before from several professional PGA instructors, many years ago, and Paula has surpassed all other instructors by far! Wow, what a great teacher, she makes it easy and effective. I highly recommend that you take advantage of her talents and abilities to teach. She is a very personable and a fun teacher... fabulous time! Thanks Paula for keeping me in the fairway and on the greens :-)

Stephen Sullins 05/29/17

I have had several group lessons with Paula and she is professional, patient and very accommodating. Paula combines all aspects of the game including technique, balance, power and the emotions we feel when playing the game. My game has improved tremendously thanks to Paula's classes and lessons. Paula is definitely passionate about the game and it shows. I feel she is so genuine and cares about you personally. Whether you need a refresher or a tune up or just maintenance. I would highly recommend Paula Thompson.

Jennifer Y. 5/22/17

Paula has a very good down to earth approach to teaching golf technique. By using actual swing examples in which she demonstrates the right and wrong way to perform an action. Seeing for me, is believing. Just telling me how to do something is greatly reinforced by seeing the difference or witnessing the correct motion. I appreciate that we have a golf instructor the caliber of Paula in our area who has an A-Z approach to getting the job done. She has already helped me to swing my clubs more effectively. I have a new coach. Thank God.

Wendi Keene June, 2017

Paula has helped improve my golf immensely. She is an outstanding teacher with a bag of tricks to address any part of my game that needs improving from a simple correction to adding more power and distance. She is the BEST.

Barbara Cummings on Sun Jun 04 2017

I have found Paula to be very helpful to me and my game. She is a very nice and supportive teacher and I will continue to watch the focus of her clinics and take advantage of those I am interested in.

Marcia Swearingen June, 2017

I took golf lessons from Paula. She is a very caring instructor and instills confidence in you, even if you weren't feeling it in yourself. Looking forward to taking more!

Judie Argo June, 2017

My wife and I had a series of golf lessons from Paula. She was absolutely great in demonstrating various golf shots and helping us to execute shots and improving our game. Paula is an excellent teacher/communicator in working with people to improve their golf game.

David McNiece June, 2017

May 1, 2017

Good Morning Paula! Well, we are back in rainy Seattle!

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated having you as my golf instructor. You helped me in so many ways. Not only did you recognize how my mind worked when it came to learning, you implemented techniques that I could grasp and integrate into my way of golfing. Not to mention all your patience. I look forward to seeing you and taking more lessons from you when I visit Arizona again. You are a rare instructor who really knows her "stuff" and wants the best possible outcome for her students. My only regret is that you are not located in Washington State!

Enjoy that sunny weather and thanks again!


Cindy Michael
PS......Thank-you also for the invaluable instructional sheets and videos!!!!

March, 2017
If you are a beginning golfer and want to reduce setting up some bad habits to break or are already a golfer ... I would highly recommend Paula. I came to Sedona last fall for six months. Prior to Paula's clinics, I had played maybe 25 times and had 4 group lessons with 3 other women. I had a desire to play the game well and reduce my frustrations, so I became a regular participant of Paula's clinics. Paula was excellent in spotting my areas of weakness, patient in my correction , communicated specific aspects of my swing , stance etc. to focus upon when playing and was always encouraging . The best part was that with consistent teaching and practice I have been able to SEE my own improvement, gain confidence and understanding of the game, and make better decisions when on the course.
I am now back in Sedona and attending clinics (weather permitting). They are a great value, despite the "group" concept , Paula is able to give individual attention . Additionally, I really appreciate that her clinics have a "topic" and that during the practice time Paula will address concerns her students may have beyond the topic of the day. Recently, I had my first private lesson, I was amazed at my success! Now, I just need to apply it without her . Luckily, I will be in her clinics until the end of May !
Sherry Dunne

A quick update on my game: I have broken 90 on my last 2 games so things are looking up! Much more confidence which is leading to more distance etc. I haven't seen much improvement in the sand but i try very hard not to get in there!!

Also, at our Ladies League Christmas meeting they gave out awards etc. I received "most improved golfer'!!! I went from 16.4 to 13.5 which was just before I headed north last Spring, just after you gave me a couple of lessons!!! Take the credit, Paula!!! Now I just need to find that form again......................

See you soon, wishing you a very happy Christmas and a happy and healthy 2017,
ali (Alison Wheeler)

Hi Paula,

Just wanted to let you know how effective your teaching is! I played in the AWGA Scotch Play Tournament at Antelope Hills the past two days and my partner and I won 1st gross in the 1st flight. There were only half the number of teams in the first flight as opposed to the rest – only four teams with single digit team handicaps, we were the last. Of course overall gross went to the team with the 3 handicap – they shot a 144. We thought we had a shot at 1st net in the flight but were surprised when our 151 got us 1st gross.

I’m sure it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t gone to your lesson. Just fixing my grip that little bit created a lot of straight shots saving a lot of strokes. Antelope is a long course so getting the most out of my drives helped too, we were even on a couple of par 5’s in 2!

Thank you!
Elaine Harger

Thank you so much for the lesson and the golf tips. You are, by far, the best golf pro i've ever had. I'm hoping to get out there more often and apply your lessons.

Take care,
Janie (Smieszek)

 Hi Paula,

Just had to tell you that I went to the driving range today and practiced with my driver, 5 wood, and 5 hybrid and i actually hit some really decent shots! You would have ben the proud teacher. Not every one, of course, but I was very pleased with myself and everything you've taught me keeps running through my brain. I am determined to becme a good golfer. I really love it.

Thanks again for everything!

Cher Huber


Thanks for the great golf instruction lessons. Your lesson on chipping and keeping the club close to the hip is working very well for me. Also the lesson on reading greens for speed concerning light or dark grass and the gravity factor prove true here in Sedona. I've actually lowered my index 3 strokes since we started lessons.

Dean Patterson


I feel so much more confident about my putting. The lesson was worth every penny! I printed out the notes and they are terrific - so much better than reading articles with tips that don't necessarily work for anyone except the author. I need your basic reminder.

Again, thank you - Ward thought it was fate that you joined up with us on Friday. How lucky for me!

Julie Larson

Dear Paula

I was at the Nabisco Ladies Tournament on Thursday (also Sunday) and happened to sign up tor the 10 minute lesson. I was fortunate to have you as an instructor. I am sure you won't remember me, however, I will remember you and more importantly, the help you gave me with driving the ball. I was pulling the driver and you suggested that I (1) place the ball in the middle of the clubface, (2) position the clubhead 2 inches behind the ball at address, (3) swing back to where you were standing with a straight left arm. So far I am hitting the ball great and have shot in the high 70's since.

I just wanted to say thanks again and hope all your future lessons are as productive for your students.

Greg Brouner
Reno, NV

 Dear Paula,

I want to share my success yesterday and today with you.

Your lessons on irons is starting to sink in. I hit my irons very well yesterday and today with your three tips from Wednesday. It tried to hinge my wrists sooner, and do a backhand with my wrist on the down swing. My irons went better. Yesterday I shot a 79 and today a 76 with a hole in 1 on #4. I will attribute these thins to your teaching and your lesson on Wednesday.

Thank you very much for everything you have done for me!

Ginny Hall
Verde Santa Fe Golf Course
Cottonwood, Arizona

Hi Paula,

Ginny and I just finished our round of golf today and on the way in she said I'd better e-mail you. I finally managed to put 2 good nines together and eked out a 79. After our last lesson, I've been practicing irons at the driving range more and finding a swing I'm comfortable with, incorporating what I learned from you.....

Thanks again,

Elaine Harger
Verde Santa Fe Golf Course
Cottonwood, Arizona


Just wanted you to know how much I think your lessons have benefited me. I am using my lob wedge more with confidence and more accuracy. My ship shots have really improved.

Since your lessons, I have won two tournaments in my flight for net score, Quailwood and NAWGA Seniors tournament which was held at Oak Creek.

Also wanted to say that after your lessons, my two friends and I enjoy eating at Mulligan's and I have purchased items in the pro shop namely a couple of golf shirts, balls and tees. I also played a round of golf at Oak Creek prior to the tournament.

I look forward to future lessons with you. Thank you

Lee Smith
Cornville, Arizona

Hi Paula,
We just wanted to thank you again for the lessons you gave us back in April. Dana is doing especially well and attributes it to the lessons. He is playing in the low to mid 80's pretty consistently. That was what his goal was for this summer. He has to remind himself to use the ax swing. Unfortunately, neither of us has had as much time as we would like to play. I have had several ladies who I played with last year tell me how much I have improved. Actually, they are shocked but try to hide it.

We are planning to be in Sedona again next April. We have already made our arrangements for accommodations and will start watching the flight fares after Christmas. We are bringing my brother and sister in law and will be in touch with you for more lessons when we firm up the schedule. Thanks again,

Dana and Patty Emery
Lyndonville, VT
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